Tantra massage Stockholm & Shamanism

Stockholm 27-29.8, 17-19.9, 15-17.10 - Oslo -
Helsinki 3-4.9, 10-11.9
The Dragon Temple in Fagervik, Finland is now open for sessions!

Tantric Nature Retreats in Finland Summer 2019

Tantra Holidays at The Dragon Temple

Sacred Intimacy with our tantric family

Tantric massage Stockholm, Sacred Sexuality & Shamanistic Healing

My intention is to provide tools to give you access to your own inner source of Wisdom and to the Sacred. To help you open up your heart so you can experience more Love in your life.

” Expand your sexuality and your spirit. How to be spiritual in everyday life? How to create an inner balance between your feminine and masculine powers whose infinite dance create your Life.

Allow sexuality to become the healing life force that gives you the power to manifest your life, just the way you want to live it – a world full of Love! “

I offer Tantra massage in Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo, Tantra massage education, Shamanistic Healing, Ceremonies & rituals, Drum journeys, Sexsibility coaching, breathing, dance and play. I work with individuals as well as groups.

Tantric massage Stockholm and shamanistic healing


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