Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga

Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga


Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga is a completely new practice within modern yoga, even though it originates from the Tantra Kahula’s teachings. Where traditional yoga searches for relaxation, physical exercises, energy balancing and chakra clean up, Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga takes the yoga practice to a different dimension.


The purpose of ATKY is to become aware of the Prana and the Sacred energy (sexual energy placed with an intention). To collect, handle, transform & transmute the natural life force of your being.


ATKY uses 5 tools from the Tantra Kahula: Pranayamas (breath awareness), Meditation(static and dynamic), Asanas (postures) & Kriyas (action), Ritualism and Sacred Sexuality.


The postures or asanas that we do in ATKY are similar to Hatha Yoga practice but we practice by partners, trios, or in a circle. The posture goes far beyond a physical & individual experience since we work with Tantra techniques in which you interconnect with your self first and then with the partner that you are working with. We elevate our frequencies to the same level and from there move into ecstatic postures with energy awareness and strong tantric breath work. Or we do a kriya with pranayama(breath awareness) and movement within the asana.  Every Asana is done within a Ritual framework in which the sacred energy plays a fundamental role. In some exercises you will experience energy orgasms that will take you to an esoterical and spiritual experience.


The life force energy that you can generate in one ATKY session is really powerful. The use of *conscious breathing allows your self to unplug from the daily problems to focus your attention to be present and aware.

*In the first stages of the practice of ATKY you will handle Chakra Base Breathing, this tool is one of the main things that differentiate any other Yoga from ATKY. This breathing allows you to be in your body and not in your mind. It goes directly to the physical and energy bodies allowing you to feel inmediately the Prana moving in all of your body.

This in combination with the Sacred Lock or Bandha will detonate sacred energy in your 3 bodies (physical, mental, energy).

*Nostril or Upper Chakras Breathing, once you have mastered the practice in itself the use of nostril breathing will allow you to move sacred energy as you want; interconnect with your chakra system or even to interconnect with the universe or transmute the energy that you have collected during the session.

How is an ATKY session?

The session lasts from 1-3 hours.

It is open for females and males.

In old times, there were some special sessions that were done only between males or females.

In old times, it was performed nude or with a Sarong.

Be prepared not only to experience Yoga but to learn about the esoterical and energetical part of it as well.

One of the most important advantages of this practice is that you will learn about your body, your mind, your sexual energy and the energetical capabilities of your whole being.


ATKY stretches, strengthens and centers you. It opens each of your chakras so you feel safe, sexy, empowered, loving, communicative, clear and connected to your beloved and to the world. We combine safe postures adapted to your physical condition with precise breathing techniques, subtle spine movements and uplifting visualization to bridge the spiritual and the physical within you, inspire and ground you. Yoga moves, breathing and Sacred locks (inner holds) tune up your chakras and their corresponding aspects of consciousness. All the chakras energies flow through your central channel, your inner flute. Then you will be ready for a flute duet with your beloved and for a symphony of all souls.



Charlie JespergaardCharlie Jespergaard is an approved facilitator of Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga as well as a sacred space creator using natural building techniques. He is also a co-founder of Solbacka Intentional Community in Finland and the creator of The Dragon Temple.

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