Sacred Earth Festival 2020 @ The Dragon Temple
Aug 27 @ 13:00 – Aug 30 @ 17:00
Sacred Earth Festival 2020 @ The Dragon Temple


August 27-30th 2020 Fagervik, Finland

“Embodied Wisdom – Back 2 the Body”

Let’s connect, move & explore together in the wild and beautiful Nature of Finland. Say Yes to Adventure. Say Yes to Love!
A safe & intimate space to Xplore. Now only 50 participants
Our vision is to create a beautiful feeling of being part of One Family, belonging to Mother Earth and feeling empowered and safe in a loving tribe of Warriors of the Heart.
This year we are offering something for you if you are new to tantra and shamanism, and also some more in depth workshops for the more experienced and adventurous.
Head over to our new website to read more about our teachers and workshops:
Our team of experienced facilitators will hold a safe and loving space that will allow you to go deep into Tantra, Dance & Shamanism. WELCOME!
“The feeling you get by being here is one of pure Magic….I think I found my happiness again!”
– Carina


Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga

Through tantric breathing & Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga we are going to raise our personal energy levels in order to enter into a state of Heightened Awareness. A state where there is much more clarity and less confusion. This spiritual technology has been shared for thousands of years, and we are honored to have Anand Rudra with us, facilitating this Tantra Kaula knowledge.


We call upon the Spirit World to open up and allow us to connect with our Spirit guides. We will practice how to embody and move with our Power animals, through natural trance states, drum journeys, music & dance. Also, we are going to strengthen our intention of being in Alignment through Ritualism & Ceremonies.
A “Journey of the Soul” ceremony will be created with the intention of finding our life’s purpose, recognizing our gifts that we came here to share with this world in order to create a healthy community that is co-creating life in alignment with Mother Earth.

Tantra Massage & Conscious Touch

In order to integrate all the energies that we manifest throughout the festival we are going to be sharing Tantra Massage, Conscious Touch, and Sensuality.
We will move into a loving space of deep relaxation, allowing ourselves to be nurtured in our bodies and becoming more grounded and aligned. Sensual and conscious touch makes it possible to experience deep nourishment & connection with other people.


We invite you into this Moment, to be with whatever moves you right now. Let’s move all this wonderful energy we have created together!