Afrocuban Immersion @ Dragon Temple
Aug 13 @ 16:00 – Aug 15 @ 19:00
Afrocuban Immersion @ Dragon Temple

Afrocuban immersion is a weekend full of dance, rhythms, drumming, singing and digging into the roots of humanity. We will dance, sing and study afro-rhythms, based on the Afrocuban tradition called Santería.

You will learn about the orichas (traditionally seen as spirits) and their characteristics as well as their ways of moving, singing and being. We will use the tradition as an inspirational sight to find our own roots and truth freely.


The Afrocuban tradition will be taught to us by Ramon Silverio (Cuba/1960), who is a cuban dancer and musician. Ramon has had a long career working with the tradition, working in Cuba, Finland and Spain. He is also a consultant (Babalawo) of the Santería tradtion. This time Ramon comes all the way from Spain to explore and share this weekend with us.

Together with Ramon Silverio, his daughter Julia Silverio will be leading us to embody our own spirit. Julia has danced and studied Cuban dances for more than 15 years, but is now passioned about free dance – where one is able to embody and find her own way of being and praying. Santería tradition works for her as an inspiration or a map to guide one to the place to embody one’s own spirit.

We will have live music in almost every class! Justo Silverio is talented Cuban musician who will take care of the live music almost in all the classes we have. There will be drumming and also change to learn how to play one!

The event will be created at The Dragon Temple in Fagervik. The venue has beautiful natural surroundings with lakes and forest nearby. Sleeping will happen in the tents outside, so you will need to bring your own or share with a friend.

We have an amazingly talented cook, who will create three warm and fulfilling Cuban-like meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

How much?
The whole weekend with food included is 320 euros per person.
(Due to the coronavirus situation, if we need to cancel the event you’ll get ticket refunded minus 5%).

We only have 25 spots! Registration should happen before 1st of August.

This weekend is one of a kind, you will not want to miss this! So happy and excited to see and dance with you there!