Embodied Wisdom in Helsinki – Tantra Experience @ Shanti Joogakoulu
Dec 10 @ 18:00 – 21:00
Embodied Wisdom in Helsinki - Tantra Experience @ Shanti Joogakoulu

Embodied Wisdom in Helsinki with Petra Kaya & Noora

Thursday evenings once a month klo 18-21 @ Joogaschool Shanti, Helsinki​

Come to explore your own energy together with others! With the use of Dance, Tantra, Shamanism and conscious touch, we create a safe and supportive space to meet and be nourished. A joyful, playful space where you can fully be in your power.

Our workshops are not limited to traditional gender thinking.



The exercises of the evening are optional in complete respect of each others’ borders. The space is safe for all genders and sexual orientations. Nudity is optional.

Some of the tools we use are: movement, touch, ritual and silence.


Price 30 €

Sign up to or send an sms +358505910041


Illan harjoitukset ovat vapaaehtoisia ja omaa ja toisen tilaa kunnioittavia. Tila on turvallinen sukupuolesta ja -suuntauksesta riippumatta. Alastomuus on vapaaehtoista.

Työkaluina käytämme liikettä, kosketusta, rituaalia ja hiljaisuutta.


Illan hinta 30 €.

Ilmottaudu os. tai viestillä +358505910041

Mukaan tarvitset mukavat vaatteet ja vesipullon.


Petra Kaya is tantrica and shaman. She has worked with massage and tantra massage for more than 20 years, giving sessions and facilitating workshops and teacher trainings all over the world. She dances her unique massage using body-to-body techniques with a high degree of integrity and intimacy. Embodied spirituality is very important to her and she holds space for the Sacred Life Energy to create profound experiences involving Soul Work, shamanistic ceremonies and rituals, sound healing & drum journeys. She really loves to call the Power animals into the Circle, to dance and play with the participants creating a joyful atmosphere. She is a co-founder of Solbacka Intentional Community.

Noora Steenvoorden is a born dancer, embodying the full spectrum of life and transforming it into conscious movement. She creates sacred, safe and fully supported spaces to allow potential transformation to happen. Her dance and teaching is complete surrender to what is. She is a Steiner pedagog, an intuitive artist and a textile designer and has been bringing out the essence of women with her uniqueclothing line of natural materials for over a decade. Most of all Noora is a mother of three and shares her everyday life in harmony with nature in the countryside. As a tantrica and spiritual nomad her playground is vast and everyone on the quest for truth in themselves is on the same arena. Her capacity is to sense the essence of things, and apply information from the seen and unseen to benefit our journey deeper to ourselves

New Year’s Celebration @ The Dragon Temple
Dec 31 2020 @ 19:00 – Jan 1 2021 @ 01:00
New Year's Celebration @ The Dragon Temple

New Year’s Celebration in the Dragon Temple

Come and make the Dragon Temple Fly! It is time to have a proper party again. To celebrate Life and enjoy old and new connections.
The party is without alcohol or drugs. Please bring a nice dish/drink for the shared food table and bed sheets if you are sleeping over. Price for the party: 20€ Book your ticket here



16-18 Optional Free Flow Movement Meditation with Noora. 10€ at the door. No booking.
19-20 Shared Food Buffet
20-20.30 Welcome Ceremony with Petra. Doors closed during this part!
20.30-21 Igniting the Inner Fire! Tantra Kriya Yoga with Charlie. Doors closed during this part!
21-? Celebration and Free Expression of the Heart
Feel free to spend the night at the Dragon Temple. We have mattresses, pillows and some blankets. Remember to bring bed sheets and food for your breakfast.
From friday 1.1 – sunday 3.1 We have the Embodied Wisdom Retreat. Event link If you like to stay for that, too, follow this ticket link for a combo ticket
If you have space in your car or need a ride, please post in the facebook event
New Year’s Retreat – Embodied flow @ The Dragon Temple
Jan 1 @ 16:30 – Jan 3 @ 16:00
New Year's Retreat - Embodied flow @ The Dragon Temple

New Year’s Retreat in The Dragon Temple – Embodied flow

Embracing a new year. A soft landing into year 2021 with practices around presence and connection. Ceremonial space in The Dragon Temple with the use of dancing, sounding, breathing and touching. Stillness and movement.


17-18 Dinner
18-22 Embodied Wisdom with Petra & Noora

8-9 Tantra Kriya Yoga with Charlie. Experience your own Life force energy and beautiful connection with yourself and the others.

9-10 Breakfast

10-13 Primal rhythms, body and soul voice with Dagmara

13-14.30 Lunch

14.30-17 Primal Voices, Voices of the Elements with Petra & Dagmara

17-19.30 Sauna & Dinner

19.30-23 Essences of Flow with Petra, Noora & Dagmara

8-9 Breakfast

9.30-12.30 Tantric Massage Flow with Petra

12.30-14 Lunch

14-16 Ritual Dance with Noora

16-17 Closing Circle

280€ all inclusive. Retreat plus food and accommodation. Bonus: New Year’s Party for free, if you let us know that you are coming for it!

Ticket Link

Registration for New Year’s Party:

New Year’s Party facebook event

Water bottle, 2 towels, bed sheets, loose clothes

If you have space in your car or need a ride, please post in the facebook event