Noora is a born dancer, embodying full spectrum of life and transforming it into conscious movement. (Her teachers include Gabrielle Roths former students and lifetime dance teachers Michael Molin-Skelton and Vinn Arjuna Marti.) She creates sacred, safe and fully supported spaces to allow potential transformation to happen. Her dance and teaching is complete surrender to what is.

She is a Steiner pedagog, an intuitive artist and a textile designer and has been bringing out the essence of women with her unique (hand painted) clothing line (Saaga) of natural materials for over a decade. Most of all Noora is a mother of three and shares her everyday life in harmony with nature in the countryside.

As a spiritual nomad her playground is vast and everyone on the quest for truth in themselves is on the same arena. Her capacity is to sense the essence of things and apply information from the seen and unseen to benefit our journey deeper to ourselves.

Nooras events

Friday Dances in Tammisaari
Sacred Circles Events