tantra massage training

Learn to give a WHOLE body massage!

The purpose of the massage training (with certification) is – to clients – be able to give a whole body massage with focus on relaxation and pleasure. The training is also open for you who want to learn how to give massage to your friends and partners.

This is a massage:
– where the whole body can be involved
– that focus on relaxation and pleasure
– where the sexual energy is allowed and can be expressed
– in which genitals can be included, but without having focus on orgasm
– which is safe and have clear boundaries
– where you can experience deep contact with your body and soul

A massage where you are allowed to enjoy with the whole body, because it is simply very … enjoyable.

It is increasingly common that clients want to have whole body massage, but there are few good options. Especially for those who do not have direct physical “problems” or need coaching. But who instead want a massage that allows the sexual energy, but at the same time feels safe and has clear boundaries. You will learn a massage with an easy structure that you can follow or have as a base to start from.


Lorenzo Stiernquist (Sweden) Sexsibility coach, Tantric teacher, sensual holistic massage, founder of the Sexsibility coach education. www.sexsibility.com

Petra Blomqvist Sexsibility coach, Tantric massage, Shamanistic healing. Massage therapist for 20 years.

Dates: Feb 10-12th, Mar 24-26th, Apr 21-23th and May 19-21st

Time: Friday 10am-8pm, Saturday 10am-8pm, Sunday 10am-5pm

Price:1200 € Early bird price 1000€ if payed in full by January 15th

Place: Bliss, Laaksokatu 10, Karjaa

Registration and more info: Petra Blomqvist

Lorenzo Stiernquist
Petra Blomqvist

Introduction Weekend Jan 21-22nd 2017

Elements of this training

– Sensual holistic massage
– Tantra massage
– Body to body massage
– Four elements massage
– Genital massage

For the senses
– Create a good atmosphere and beautiful rooms
– Give the body sensations by using different materials and tools
– Allow all five senses to be stimulated
– Ceremonies for deeper inner contact and intention

Energy Work
– Allowing the sexual energy and be able to enjoy fully
– Use breathing, sounds and movements to increase the enjoyment
– Basic knowledge about energy work and chakras

– Be able to have initial conversation and clear communication with your client
– Be able to communicate about the needs and desires
– Provide a safe space
– Boundaries, consent, ethics, and laws
– Be able to round off and finish in a good way

– How you can develop and feel good at your work
– Learn good working positions
– Safety around diseases and hygiene
– Prices, economics and entrepreneurship
– How to get new clients and keep the old

Previous knowledge 
It requires no special skills, but you need to have worked with yourself, released some shame and blocks around your own body and sexuality since this is an intimate massage where the client usually is naked.

Practice and theory 
During the modules, emphasis will be on practicing the massage. But you will also need to have someone to practice with between modules (approximately 1.5 hours 2-4 times). Some theory will be in the modules, but also some between the modules. Mostly to see various clips, but also reading. Estimate approximately two hours a week for this. About 4 hours is also needed to write and make your own exercises. So in total, you need to set aside about 16-20 hours between modules (4-5 hours per week).

You can become certified if you
– Participated in all four modules
– Completed all tasks between modules
– By Lorenzo and Petra be considered a good masseur
– Share our view regarding the massage, boundaries and ethics
– After the end of the training (4 modules) had documented massages with at least 10 different clients in a total of at least 30 hours (eg 10 clients x 1.5 hours x 2 times).


whole body massage training

The certification applies only to provide a massage with a focus on relaxation and pleasure. Those who want to offer clients coaching around sexuality and intimacy, work with deeper processes or work with sexual healing need additional training such as the Sexsibility coach training.

More about the teachers

Lorenzo Stiernquist

Lorenzo is a tantra teacher, Sexsibility coach and the founder of the Sexsibility coach training and the Sexsibility festival. He has participated in many courses about sexuality and intimacy, for example, Barbara Carrellas Urban Tantra Professional Training and the Sensual Holistic Massage Training by Denisa Palečková and Richard Vojík. In his work he focuses on sex, intimacy, spirituality, pleasure and sexual healing. He holds trainings, workshops and gives private sessions in Stockholm. He wants to support people to feel more alive and able to experience sex and intimacy at a deeper level. He teaches how you can enjoy more in life, but also how to transform shame, guilt and blocks that may hinder the experience of pleasure. Perhaps his most important message is to embrace and be present with what is here and now. The purpose is simply to experience more love. He has made a long journey around all that he teaches about and is happy to share his own experiences about what he has gone through and going through in his life right now.
More info: www.starspray.com

Petra Blomqvist

Petra is a tantrika, sexsibilitycoach and has worked with massages including shiatsu and Shindo for over 20 years. She works with tantra massage, shamanic ceremonies and rituals, sound healing, drum journeys,  meditation, breathing, dancing and playing.

“I like to work with sexuality and sexual energy. There is so much fear and misunderstanding about sexual life force! During a massage session, I use my body in many ways. I dance my massage using my hands, feet, knees and elbows, and I also use my body weight using my back and stomach. I also offer massage in the mouth, genitals, prostate … in other words a real whole body massage.”

More info: sacredcircles.fi

Registration and more info: Petra Blomqvist