tantra for singles october 6 2018

Presence & Polarity at The Dragon Temple

When we are face to face with a potential partner we become very aware of the things that limit us in being in the moment and trusting our instincts. We carry so many beliefs and conditionings in regards to relating and that easily leads to insecurity and too much thinking about what we want to do. We simply lose our Presence.

We would love to invite you into a safe space of fresh playful curiosity. A space to explore the dance of polarities, attraction & rejection, Yes, No & Maybe. And above all, a Sacred space of Hearts connecting, enjoying and mirroring each other. A space to feel Alive!

First we are going to raise our Life energy with Tantric breathing and Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga. These are powerful tools to enable us to leave behind our everyday life and connect in a state of heightened awareness. In this energy it is much easier to relate, to be playful, to become Alive!

The rest of the day will be about tantric exploration, encounters, enjoyment, and using mirrors to find your own truth.

This tantra for singles event is for everyone with a curiosity for relating with others – no matter your gender or sexual orientation.


Petra Kaya & Charlie have been a tantric couple for 16 years. All the ups and downs of being in a conscious relationship has continually kept grinding away at our limited view of Life, leaving us with a clearer understanding about how polarity and intimacy actually work.

Drawing upon her many years of experience as a professional tantra massage therapist and international tantra group facilitator Petra Kaya will lovingly and playfully guide you on this journey into self discovery.

With his passion for presence and clarity Charlie will facilitate Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga, tapping into the fire of Mother Earth and the cosmic energy above.

Practical info: Come freshly showered without any artificial smells on your body. Bring loose clothes to allow you to move freely.

Location: The Dragon Temple, Solbacka, Fagervik Map

Price: 60e/person including lunch

Time:  saturday 6.10  11-18
Registration & more info: office@sacredcircles.love
MAKE SURE TO PRE REGISTER as we try to create a balanced group!