Tantra massage Stockholm & Shamanism

Helsinki  18.11, 23-25.11, 7-9.12, 14-16.12
The Dragon Temple in Fagervik - Other days.

Tantra Massage for couples

June 27 & July 24-26 in The Dragon Temple

Come back to your body and find new ways to connect with your loved One!

Tantra Massage Stockholm, Oslo, Helsinki

Tantra Massage Stockholm, Helsinki and Oslo & Shamanistic Healing

Unite Sexuality, Love & Spirituality!
Helsinki  18.11, 23-25.11, 7-9.12, 14-16.12
The Dragon Temple in Fagervik – Other days.

Your session is created specifically according to your needs. I work with the energy flow of your body, your meridians and chakras. I create a safe space for your session by following the principles from “The Wheel of Consent”. You have the possibility to release tensions and blocks that hinders your life force from flowing.

My intention is to help you open up your heart so you can experience more Love in your life. Your session can be a Whole body tantra massage with or without oil. I also like to include Shamanistic healing and ceremonies, drum journeys, breath work and play. I enjoy working with sexuality and the sexual energy. There is so much fear and misunderstandings around the sexual life force!

A Whole body tantra massage can include yoni or lingam massage, prostata massage and massage in your mouth. In other words a real full body massage. Do you dare to start enjoying your life more? In my tantra massage sessions in Stockholm, Helsinki & Oslo I use a lot of body-to-body massage. My massage is like a dance. Through intimacy & touch, relaxation & breathing you can awaken your own life force! Say yes to Love within you!

Tantra massage 1,5h/1600kr – 2h/2100kr – 3h/3200kr
Tantra massage for couples 3h/3200kr
Tantric Play 3h/3200kr

Sessions do NOT include sexual services such as intercourse or exchange of bodily fluids, kissing etc.
If you cancel within 24 hours of your session, the cancellation fee is 50% of your total session cost. Earlier cancellations are free.
Please arrive fresh and clean, without aftershave or perfume.

Sacred feminine – Tantra massage and pelvic care for women

A sensual whole body tantra massage to heal your relationship to your own sexuality and to get access to your power as a woman.

The Life force and creativity of a woman flow from the womb and the pelvic area. A treatment can help you re-connect to your own strong female powers and remind you that your sexuality is indeed Sacred.

The treatment can enhance your feeling of what it means to be a Woman. It can help you remove blocks – guilt, shame and old patterns of relating that doesn’t serve you anymore. My intention is to boost your sense of self-worth, self-respect and love for yourself.

In this holistic treatment I combine coaching, tantra massage, and shamanistic healing. It can also include Yoni massage.

Yoni massage: The feminine temple – the most sacred space. The doors of the inner temple will open when the time is right, when reverence exists and respect is present. The inner is fragile, pulsating Life, more powerful than anything else.
Let the joy of your vagina flow. Let your juices flow, and drink of the fountain of nectar that Life offers to you. Embrace your shadows, look at them with Love. Let Love rule your life. Ecstasy in stillness. You are an orgastic, ecstatic light being – truly a living Goddess!

Awaken your sensuality and primal power. Allow yourself to be receptive, soft, open, powerful, and strong. Set the power of Shakti free, your own feminine power. The raw ancient power that flows from the depth of your Soul and from Mother Earth. Let this fire nourish the Love in your heart and lift you to the ecstatic realms of the Spirit.

Tantra massage and pelvic care for women Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo
Tantra massage for men Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo

Sacred masculine – tantra massage for men

A sensual whole body tantra massage with oil to heal your sexuality and to access your power as a man. 

The massage carries my intention to help your life energy flow through your whole body, to support you to connect your sexual energy with your heart, and to be more connected to Spirit.

The Whole body tantra massage includes Lingam and prostata massage.

Praise your masculine power. The power of Shiva – the magical co-creator of Life. Embrace your own sexuality and dare to be danced by Life!

Develop your sexuality as a man. Be present with more light and clarity, with more Love and ecstasy. Maybe become multi orgastic…..

Tantra massage with four hands

Experience a tantric massage of four hands on your body simultaneously. Have a session with two women or with a woman and a man.

Tantric Play

A ceremonial heart space. Together we create a space with safe borders where we invite our primal powers and Love to come and dance with us. A loving play of sexuality and spontaneity to liberate our locked up patterns of behaviour.

An authentic meeting in presence and respect where you learn to be open for your own life force and how the Spirit wants to express itself through you.

Tantric Play is an interactive meeting with clear borders. Everything happens within “The Wheel of Consent”. It has to do with heightening the awareness of being active or passive, and to give and take.

What can happen in a Tantric Play session?

Mutual touch is a good way to describe what can happen in a Tantric Play session. To dare to meet without any set roles. What happens when both are fully present in a meeting? Can our bodies create a dance together by following the impulses and energies that flow between us. To fully breathe is key to allowing the energy to move.

It is up to the energy, what you are looking for, and to the degree of openness, honesty, and mutual respect. It could be giving and receiving a massage.

Tantric Play requires that you have been to at least one tantra massage session.

Duration: 3 hours

Tantric Play and tantra massage sessions in Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo
Tantra massage for couples in Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo

Tantra massage for couples

-with one Love assistant

Deepen your Love. Give to each other the gift of time, intimacy and touch. Maybe create a ceremony together. Discover new aspects of each other while nourishing your common fire!

The session starts with one of you receiving  a wonderful tantra massage and the other one assisting and watching. After a while you change roles, and in the end you will do a Tantric love ritual together.

-with two Love assistants

Experience a tantra massage simultaneously. Have a session with two women or with a woman and a man.

Shamanistic healing sessions

Shamanistic ceremonies, sound healing, drum journeys and rituals can help you understand and resolve issues that you carry with you, and that prevent you from living your Life to the fullest!

” What is life force?  Where is my life force?

How can I get it to flow through me?  What can I do with it?

Will it be easier to create the kind of Life that I want? Easier to make good choices?

Do I have a purpose in my Life? How is my Soul expressing itself?

Do I listen to my body and my feelings as a way for my Soul to communicate? “

Accept that Death gives nourishment to the new that is being born. Get to be an expert at composting your experiences, ideas and values. So that you can create space for something new in your Life!

Tantra meets Shamanism

Shamanistic Healing Sessions in Helsinki, Stockholm and Oslo
Sexsibility Coaching Sessions

Sexsibility coaching sessions

Personal development focusing on sexuality.

Would you like to have more life force, more flow, more enjoyment in your life?
Become more present, more alive. Accept your sexuality without guilt and shame. Open up your heart, open up your body.
Allow more space for love in your life – love for yourself, others, and for life!

Sexsibility means to love with sensibility.

The sessions are based on experiences. I’m using dialogue, touch and massage, sound, movement, breathing exercises, meditations, vizualisations and drum journeys. Exercises for all the senses, uniquely crafted to meet your needs.

“If I felt safe enough, what would I say or do?
What would Love do if it was allowed to win?”