Tantra meeting for women

tantra meeting for women

What happens in you when you meet a man?

Can you allow yourself to be present & stay true to yourself?
Can you allow yourself to follow the flow of energy in the Moment and can you express your desires?
Can you say Yes? Can you say No?

My name is Charlie and I offer you a tantra meeting in Presence & Clarity. I will hold a space for you with clear borders to support you in trusting your instincts. A safe playground to explore polarities and activate your Life Energy! A private lab for you to experience intimacy and look at the reality of how you relate with a man.

What will we do in our tantra meeting?

First we have a talk about you. Why are you here? Together we create the rules of our meeting. There will be no exchange of body fluids, no penetration, no kissing. We also decide upon the level of nudity you feel comfortable with. Maybe there is something specific you would like to explore?

tantric meeting for women

Creating a Sacred Space

Before entering into our tantra meeting we say out aloud our intentions of going into this meeting, and we call upon Love to be with us and Mother Earth to support us. Then we enter the Sacred Space and let Energy do the talking.

In order to enter into a state of heightened awareness we will use tantric breathing and Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga. These are very powerful techniques for the purpose of raising Life Energy. When our energies are ignited many things can happen. Sometimes Energy moves up and creates Energy orgasms, sometimes sexual energy awakens and asks us to move into sensual touch. There is no way to know what will happen, and at any time you can decide to step out of the Sacred Space to take a time out and really feel what is happening in you.

Everything we do is connected to the Heart, maybe we practice saying yes and no, maybe you just need to be held by a strong and caring masculine presence, or perhaps we could play with being active and passive. Whatever feels right in the Moment.

Duration & Investment

The duration of the tantra meeting is 2-3 hours and your investment is 200€. 


The Dragon Temple, Solbacka, Fagervik Map
SENSA Massage Studio in Töölö, Mechelininkatu 49 Map


Please contact Charlie: +358407517787 or via email 

About me & why I am offering tantra meetings for women

My name is Charlie and for 20 years I have been on the tantric path of embodied spirituality. I share an open relationship with my beloved partner, Petra Kaya, since 16 years, and together we are creating and taking care of The Dragon Temple – a Sacred Space for personal transformation and Tantric Shamanism, dedicated to creating and maintaining a strong connection to Mother Earth.

In my own life I’ve had to work hard to get to the point of daring to invite others into intimacy without being afraid of rejection. Nowadays it is a lot easier for me and I believe the key is to not take the Yes or the No too personal. You can read more about my personal journey here.

We can use each others as mirrors to discover our hidden patterns in relating. If we practise conscious intimacy we are trying to take responsibility for all our issues, bringing them into the light, and thus creating a possibility for real positive change. We become Warriors of Love!

When I am in a group of people I often experience women being drawn to me because they feel I am Safe and Present. I believe this happens for a reason and I have decided to use it in a conscious way by offering myself as a practise partner for those women who want to see clearly in the oftentimes cloudy environment of human relating.

♥︎ I am at your service ♥︎