Tantra meets Shamanism – a match made in heaven?

Tantra, as we are using the word here in the west, is much about dealing with sexuality, to be more and more aware in the moment, and to embrace all the different emotions, challenges, joys and situations that constantly happen to us. It is about saying Yes to life!

You can use specific breathing techniques and exercises to connect deeply with Life Energy to experience altered states of consciousness, and if you wish, you can share such experiences with others, melting together in this energy.

Shamanism is based on an animistic world view where everything has a Soul. Using body wisdom we invite your inner Spirit to manifest through trance journeys, animistic rituals and intentional ceremonies, designed to allow direct or indirect communication with the spirit world.

When you combine the two you get a Shamanism where we work consciously – also with sexuality. Where spirit animals can meet each other in a playful dance. And you get a Tantra where sexuality becomes very Sacred. Sexuality becomes a prayer to Mother Earth. Sexuality becomes rooted in the Heart!

This shamanistic tantra is very much at the core of all that we create within Sacred Circles. You can experience this yourself in a one-on-one tantra massage session with Petra Kaya or maybe taking part in one of our events such as The Sacred Earth Festival Finland.