Tantra Retreats with Petra Kaya

Intensive one-on-one retreats to deepen your inner connection

Meeting the Goddess


Allow the Goddess to guide you into a Sacred space. A space where there is nothing to do and nowhere to go. Just relax into this meeting and reconnect with your Life force!

You will spend 3 days (2 nights) in your own beautiful hut within the secret valley of Solbacka, home of an intentional community in Finland dedicated to Nature and a tantric lifestyle. Nature here is very special with untouched forest and a crystal clear lake. Meals will be mostly vegetarian including wild plants.



tantra retreat in Finland

A tantra retreat that will take you deep

Petra Kaya will be your guiding Goddess on this journey towards your own inner essence. Together with her you co-create your experience choosing the kind of deep one-to-one healing sessions, meditations, and other activities that best support you in enjoying your life to the fullest!

In addition to your sessions it is possible to engage in other activities in and around the community, for example sauna, swimming, forest walks, music by the fire, community food circles, etc.


Booking and price

This retreat is a rare opportunity to go to a much deeper space than what is possible during a typical tantra massage session.

Included in the price is accommodation and food, 13 hours of sessions with Petra Kaya (ceremonies, shamanic work, tantra massage & meditations, interactive Tantric Play) + one optional session with one of our other practitioners (see list below). The retreat fee will also be your personal contribution to the continuing work of creating a transformational retreat space here at Solbacka.

Price: 2000€

Booking and more information

Optional sessions

1 optional session is included in the retreat to give you a more varied experience. Please explore the list of available practitioners:

ritual play

Ritual Play

Marina offers a clearly structured space to explore and interact.


kisan body work

Kisan Body Work

Kian is a very experienced massage therapist who really listens to your body and follows your flow.



Traditional Finnish Kalevala & Reiki

Pia offers highly intuitive sessions with ancient roots