Charlie Jespergaard

The Art of Sacred Spaces

Charlie Jespergaard is passionate about creating sacred spaces, spaces that are tuned to inspire and support people to connect deeply with themselves and others. He uses his natural building skills to make this possible. At the moment we are in the process of creating our Dragon Temple, which is going to be a playground for a community devoted to sacred sexuality and embodied spirituality.

Below are some pictures of his previous works.

The Dragon Table

The Dragon Table is designed to facilitate focus in a group. The shape of the table is the oldest of shapes. From ancient times our ancestors have gathered in a Circle to hold council. Three big dragons guard the Circle and hold the sacred in the center, from where three fountains of creativity spring. The ancient Nordic symbol of the Divine Nature, the Triskele, is placed in the center of the Circle to strengthen a focused and well structured flow of creativity.

A Circle knows no hierarchy and supports all its members equally. This presents a possibility for real democracy where everyone is empowered to take their role in the meeting.

Dragon Table
The Sacred in the Center
Return of the Bird Tribe