Calling the Warriors of Love

Join us again for the 2nd edition of The Sacred Earth Festival! Just like last year we are going to dive deep into the mysteries of Life and co-create a beautiful journey together, with the intention of expanding & enriching each other’s lives.

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Everything is about connection & alignment

In order to cope with all the demands and expectations that we (more or less willingly) put on ourselves in our personal dance with Life, we keep searching for meaningful actions, connections, and situations. We are constantly being bombarded with endless input and choices to make, and it is so easy to drown in this great river!

We aim to co-create a medicine for this and we are setting the intention of the Sacred Earth Festival for us to become aligned with our inner wisdom and power.

We will explore ancient tantric & shamanistic practices – all designed to help us connect with Sacred Life Energy, strengthening our inner containers to hold more of this energy, to use it in a loving way in order to support ourselves and others, and to expand it beyond the borders of the physical realm and enter into a heightened awareness of the Supraconscious.

Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga

Through tantric breathing & Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga we are going to raise our personal and collective energy levels in order to enter into a state of Heightened Awareness. A state where there is much more clarity and less confusion. This spiritual technology has been shared for thousands of years, and we are honored to have Anand Rudra with us, facilitating this Tantra Kaula knowledge.


We call upon the Spirit World to open up and allow us to connect with our Spirit guides. We will practice how to embody and move with our Power animals, through natural trance states, drum journeys, music & dance. Also, we are going to strengthen our intention of being in Alignment through Ritualism & Ceremonies.

A “Journey of the Soul” ceremony will be created with the intention of finding our life’s purpose, recognizing our gifts that we came here to share with this world in order to create a healthy community that is co-creating life in alignment with Mother Earth.

tantra massage and conscious touch

Tantra Massage & Conscious Touch

In order to integrate all the energies that we manifest throughout the festival we are going to be sharing Tantra Massage, Conscious Touch, and Sensuality.

We will move into a loving space of deep relaxation, allowing ourselves to be nurtured in our bodies and becoming more grounded and aligned. Sensual and conscious touch makes it possible to experience deep nourishment & connection with other people.


Thursday July 19th
Arrival before 4pm
Dinner 6pm
Opening Ceremony 7pm

Friday July 20th
yoga 7-8am
Breakfast 8-9am
Session 9am-1pm
Lunch 1-3pm
Session 3-7pm
Dinner 7-8pm
Session 8-?pm

Saturday July 21st
yoga 7-8am
Breakfast 8-9am
Session 9am-1pm
Lunch 1-3pm
Session 3-7pm
Dinner 7-8pm
Session 8-?pm

Sunday July 22nd
yoga 7-8am
Breakfast 8-9am
Session 9am-1pm
Lunch 1-3pm
Closing Ceremony 3-5pm

Price and registration

Price: 360€ (Early bird until January 31st 2019 – 320€)

Accommodation: In your own tent(bring your own sleeping gear) – no extra cost. In a sleeping tent(mattress available) – 20€/night. 

Food: Delicious vegetarian food – no extra cost

Washing: Toilets and sauna. Pure spring lake for swimming

Bring: Loose clothes, 2 towels, sarong, sleeping gear(mattress is provided in sleeping tent)

Location: Map

How to get here: 1 hour car drive from Helsinki or Turku. Nearest train station is Karjaa with connections straight from Helsinki Airport(1,5h). Pick up can be arranged at a small cost.

More info & registration:

Facilitators & Space holders


Anand Rudra (Mexico)

Sharing & facilitating the ancient science & technology of Tantra Kaula.

Anand was raised in a Shamanic and Mexican esoterical culture by a father (Mexican Spirita and Shaman) and by the grandmother ( Yaqui Mexican Medical Woman) Since he was young, he was attracted to the esoterical world. As a hobby, he has been studying tarot, psychomagia, symbology, ritualism, tantra, sacred geometry, and shamanism.

He studied International Relations. Holds an M.A. in Studies of the United States; another M.Sc on Law & Economics of the UE and Ph.D. A.S.D on Security of UE. For the last 15 years, he has been living in Europe where he has designed over 150 different workshops on Tantra & Sacred Sexuality. He is known a specialist on Men´s Sacred Sexuality and part of the Faculty of the Connection University in The Netherlands.

Tanhit Ma (Russia)

More info coming shortly!


Petra Kaya (Finland)

Petra has worked with massage and tantra massage for more than 20 years, giving sessions and facilitating workshops and teacher trainings in many countries. She dances her unique massage using body-to-body techniques with a high degree of integrity and intimacy. Embodied spirituality is very important to her and she holds space for the Sacred Life Energy to create profound experiences involving Soul Work, shamanistic ceremonies and rituals, sound healing & drum journeys. She really loves to call the Power animals into the Circle to dance and play with the participants creating a joyful atmosphere. She is also a co-founder of Solbacka Intentional Community and The Dragon Temple.

Charlie Jespergaard (Denmark/Finland)

Charlie is a tantric, musician, master wood carver and a natural builder specialised in creating sacred spaces like The Dragon Temple. He is a facilitator of Ancient Tantra Kriya Yoga and also the co-founder of The Natural Building Company and Solbacka Intentional Community. He loves to operate from the Heart space sharing his presence and music with a high degree of intensity and playfulness.



We are located in Solbacka Intentional Community in the south of Finland in the middle of amazing wild nature. A secret valley with plenty of sun and a pure spring lake in the protected forest just up the mountain nearby. The Solbacka Intentional Community is dedicated to the Circle as a means of sharing and communicating. There is a mix of therapists, artists and builders living here.

About The Dragon Temple

The Dragon Temple is a transformational space in southern Finland dedicated to supporting a grounded alignment with Love & Light. This is truly a Sacred space to hold circles of Love, healing, playfulness, shadow work and passion, and we are excited to co-create this temple with you as an experiment of heart awareness and presence in life.
An old dream of ours is coming true in a beautiful way. Petra Kaya has learned a lot about being a space holder and facilitating ceremonies. Charlie has been collecting a lot of natural building skills and materials, and together we are manifesting this amazing space.
tantra retreat in Finland
Using natural materials almost exclusively, we try to stretch the boundaries between the possible and the impossible, between healthy building tradition and pure magic. If you feel the calling, you are welcome to partake in the on-going creation of The Dragon Temple – both in the energetic and physical level.
Follow the creation of the Dragon Temple here