Tantric & shamanistic events Finland, Stockholm & Oslo

Our events are created to help you connect better with yourself,  and to enable you to better embrace the challenges and opportunities your Life offers to you. If you feel inspired to host an event please contact Petra so that she can design it according to what you are looking for. Some of these events are even suitable in your living room!

Tantric events Finland Stockholm

Tantra massage workshop for couples

Give to each other the gift of tantric touch and presence. A whole body tantra massage with oil for each of you.

Tantric couple Petra & Charlie will create a space for your Hearts and bodies to melt. We offer you a very unique experience to deepen and nourish your relationship together. Drawing upon her many years of experience as a professionnal massage therapist Petra will lovingly guide you on a journey into sensual pleasure and wonderful discovery of your partner’s divine body. She will hold this space for you to completely surrender to your beloved’s touch and open up to deep relaxation.

Charlie will offer his unique inspirational playing and singing to support you on this journey. His music is born in the moment and his intention is to create a magical field that resonates with the Heart.

Practical info: Come with your beloved partner or bring a good friend with whom you can share intimacy. Duration: 3-4 hours. If you would like to host this event contact Petra.

“When you are connected to your Heart – everything will follow without effort.”


Sacred Relationships Circle

We are all looking for nourishing meetings with other people – real meetings when we dare to go beyond the small talk of everyday life and share things that really matter to us. Everything in Life is a choice.

” With what do you choose to fill your Life? A partnership full of power struggles or one that gives you the support needed to co-create the things you want in your lives? How do you attract the “right” kind of people to you, people that help you grow and with whom you can really enjoy your Life? “

We will begin with a shamanistic ceremony to create a sacred heart space of heightened awareness, then we move on to specific exercises designed to create a deeper connection between people. This all builds into a sharing circle where we talk about what sacred relationships means to you. A precious time to listen and be heard.

Practical info: This event is suitable for both singles and couples. Duration: 3-4 hours. If you would like to host this event contact Petra.


Sacred Relationships Circle
Tantric events Finland Stockholm

Tantric & Shamanistic Massage Weekend Workshop

Get in touch with your Heart, then listen…..
Get in touch with your Natural Flow, then follow…..

Together we create a Sacred space inviting our spirit guides and power animals to come and play. Through powerful exercises we explore these raw or sometimes subtle connections and channel them to support us on our own journey as loving and massaging beings!

It is important to strengthen the Rainbow bridge between your Sexual power and your Heart to make sure that you are capable of safely connecting with others without hurting them or yourself.

Drum Journeys, Intention, Voice & Movement are all important tools in this work.

How does the Divine Energy Flow want to be expressed through you?
Do you dare to trust your Heart’s Desire?

Practical info: This workshop is aimed at massage therapists and people who want to go deeper in their lives. Duration: Friday-Sunday.

If you would like to host this event contact Petra.