whole body tantra massage education

Whole body massage training in Stockholm Autumn 2015

Learn to give a wonderful whole body massage and how to create an enjoyable and safe space. You are going to learn how you prepare yourself, how you meet your client, how you do the actual massage, and how you end it in a good way.

You will learn to give a massage with a clear structure that is safe to follow or use as a starting point, so that you can create just the right treatment for you and your client (or partner) in that moment. The object of this training (with certification) is to give you basic tools to offer massage with a focus on enjoyment and relaxation. We offer this primarily to people who are looking to work as massage proffessionnals, but this training is also suitable if you want to give massage privately to your partner and friends.

Elements of this training

  • Sensual holistic massage
  • Tantric massage
  • Massage of penis and vagina
  • Give stimulation and enjoyment to all the 5 senses
  • The use of intention through ceremony and deep inner contact
  • Allowing sexual energy and joyful surrender
  • Basic knowledge of energy work and chakras
  • Clear communication with your client before, during and after your session
  • Creating a safe space and clear boundaries
  • Boundaries, ethics and agreements for this massage
  • The use of breathing, sound and movement to heighten presence and enjoyment
  • The right ambience, through creation of a beautiful space and using suitable music
  • How you can develop yourself and make sure you feel good when you give a massage



Lorenzo Stiernquist Sexsibility coach, Tantric teacher, sensual holistic massage, founder of the Sexsibility coach education.

Petra Blomqvist Sexsibility coach, Tantric massage, Shamanistic healing. Massage therapist for 17 years.

Diana D’Light & Martin Heese Tantric teachers, Tantric massage, Bodywork, Sexologists, CHAI center in Copenhagen

Dates: September 4-6th, October 2-4th, October 30th – November 1st and December 4-6th
Time: Friday 9am to sunday 5pm
Price: 1700 €
Place: Central Stockholm, Sweden

Registration and more info: www.starspray.com
Contact: Lorenzo Stiernquist
+46722811178 lorenzo@starspray.com